Tempe Spray Tanning

Women and men both are struggling to find the time to get and maintain a tan even though we live in the Valley of the Sun. It's why spray tanning needs to be fast and located somewhere that makes it easy to get in, get out, and close to everything they need in one place. I work 50-60 hours a week, most Saturdays as well. And am an adult with responsibilities, family, keeping up the house, and everything else that takes all of my time. But I still want to look good when on a rare occasion I get to go to a pool or any other time I'm not wearing many clothes. There isn't time to lay out and get a tan, it's boring and dangerous for your skin because of a little thing called skin cancer, so there needed to be a better way to get a tan.

That's where spray tans started. And now they're continuing to get better as the products improve, the artists are getting more training, and people are beginning to see their huge benefits. In 5 minutes you can go from pasty and pale to golden tan. Give the bronze solution a few hours to set in and you have a tan that will last up to two weeks when you take care of it the right way. Go in on a Wednesday or Thursday the week before your child's friend's pool party, get a tan, and look like you've been out playing in the pool since Christmas. 

Not every spray tan is the same though, as new stores pop up across town it's still important to know who to trust. The best spray tan in Tempe is SunGun Tanning. They've been operating for nearly a decade, have state-of-the-art facilities, premium made tan solutions, the most qualified and experienced artists that have stayed with them for years, and skin care products specially made for longer lasting tans.

Located in Tempe Marketplace just a mile up the road from ASU it's the best place to go when you want your skin to shine with that perfect bronze tan and you need it fast. It's an art and the girls at SunGun know how to give you that natural looking tan every time. Their training program and re-training program is second to none and continues to evolve to ensure their client's get the best treatment every time they come in to the salon.

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