Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Cardinal's Cheerleaders Perfect Spray Tans

After months of crazy hard workouts, strict diets and countless practices, there's only one thing that stands between the Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders and the biggest stage in Phoenix every Sunday: a really, really good spray tan. That's where SunGun Spray Tanning comes in. We got one of the luckiest spray-tanners in the world to spill her bronzing secrets.

What keeps the Cardinal's Cheerleaders coming back to SUNGUN?

We want every spray tan in SunGun Spray Tanning to have the same luxurious look whether you're walking out in front of 50,000 people or in front of that special person in your life. But in Cheerleaders - you're talking about a group of women strutting out and dancing in front of high definition cameras and millions of people. The cheerleaders are wearing beautiful, but tight fitting outfits with a lot of exposed skin so their tans must be perfect. There can't be any tan lines, uneven skin tones, and certainly no streaks - or they'll be noticed. They know when they come to SunGun they're going to get that all over, even tone that looks great, so they look great.

What products do you use?

Our foundation product is a liquid tanning solution from Norvell, our partner company, with a 5.5% base. Then depending on our client's preferences we can adjust our solution from a lighter base to dark to give them the color tone they're looking for. For women of color, we like to provide a subtle glow so we go with a lower base which gives off a gorgeous cherry glow.

Over the past decade of tanning, we've worked hard to give our clients the most natural looking tan as possible, we've found detailed "tan-tone to skin-tone" solution combinations that work the best, whether they're swimsuit models or burly men, every skin tone can find that perfect tone.

Exactly what do you do to highlight their bodies for the stadium lights?

First off, the Cardinals Cheerleaders are practically flawless regardless so it's not like they need our help, however, everyone can use a little contouring. We like to define the center line of the abdominals and also the spine of the back. We tan around the breast to give a lighter look at the top of the bust that results in a lift to the breasts and draws attention to the outfit their wearing. We also have a similar technique to give our clients butt a great, toned look as well.

How far in advance do you recommend they come in to get a spray tan?

We tan them a day or 2 before the game. As we recommend all of our clients do. The tan looks its best on day 2. When we have a wedding party - 2 days before as well. Once the spray tan is applied, we advise them to rinse with warm water 6 to eight hrs after. After the shower and light towel-dry, we recommend they apply a moisture-rich lotion to the skin. Hydrated skin will keep the tan lasting longer and looking much healthier, even once it starts to fade.

Exactly what's the key to obtaining that glowing, shimmery-but-not-too-shimmery finish?

We use the SUNGUN Hydrating Moisturizer at least twice a day in order to give the skin that beautiful glisten. For a full list of our products, you can visit our website here.

Can you give us a few pointers for making a tan last and doing last minute touch-ups?

In order to make a tan last, I recommend drinking a lot of water and using a gradual tan lotion, SUNGUN  has a great lotion called the Extender, which adds a hint of color to build or extend the tan. Also, Victoria's Secret has their Self-Tanning Tinted Cream which is almost just as good. For last minute touch-ups, we'll use makeup-removing towelettes and some of the St.Tropez Self-Tan Remover in order to soften any spots or smudges that may appear from the build up around bra straps, shorts, or shoes.

To schedule your own tan you can visit either of SunGun's Phoenix area tan salons. In North Scottsdale and Tempe in Tempe Marketplace.


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